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الموديل: Vital5


Vital5 offers 5 key products which together form the basis for a full and active life. When combined, these five key products will make up the basis for any made to measure nutritional program. Even if your dietary pattern is already quite balanced, food supplements can still prove a useful complement to your daily diet. Our drink Forever Aloe Vera Gel is a rich source of nutrients and a perfect addition to a balanced diet. It helps boost your immune system as well as the digestive tract and makes you feel more energetic. Consuming this drink supports a healthy lifestyle and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Forever endorses the importance of a healthy lifestyle with a varied and balanced diet.

The Vital5 pack includes:

  • 4x 1-litre Bottles of Aloe Vera Gel
  • 1x bottle Forever Daily
  • 1x bottle Forever Active Probiotic
  • 1x bottle Forever Arctic Sea
  • 1x canister of ARGI+


  • Vital5 brochure
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